Missing Filemon

Missing Filemon is a Cebuano rock band. They have the distinction of being the first Cebuano band to ever produce an album consisting entirely of rock songs in Cebuano.

Missing Filemon was formed in 2002 with Jeb Dorothy Estel on guitars and vocals, Arni Aclao (of The Ire) on bass, and Eimer Tabasa on drums. Gumer Entero of Happy Days and Ritz Ariba of Frank sits in for the band in some sessions. (more…)


TINGKAGUL was once known as TAGIPTIP, it was formed august in the year 2004 by 3 fine arts student of USCTC… the group was formed for one purpose, to play for the yearly BULABOG NYTS concert at usctc…

we decided to write songs in cebuano then to make our music sound more BULABOG… since we need someone to play the drums and the other guitar we collected friends to fill in the space… (more…)

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs are one of the Cebus’ most popular bands, and on 1997′s Itlog’s Tiki album, the group put forth a strong case for being a talented one, too. Where the band’s previous album, Itlog’s tiki, often seemed lightweight and superficial, Itlog’s Tiki is more brimming with enjoyable, substantive songs. As before, the band tackles a variety of styles. The delightful “Humba” overlaid with the vocalist singing a catchy, snappy melody reminiscent of. (more…)


The band was originally formed last October 2004 with six band members and was then named “Raskafarian Drumbeat”. We had two female vocalist and four guys on instruments. Our genre was then more into ska with influences from No Doubt, Save Ferris and Goldfinger. We not only played to sepra other songs but we also played our own originals. We had also played in several gigs and had plans to record our songs but maybe it wasn’t yet meant to happen for it never pushed through. But, as most bands are bound to experience, some of our bandmates quit due to personal reasons and differences we sometimes cannot avoid. (more…)


Gitawag sila kanhi-ay og “Phylum Prodigals”, matawag og tukmang bansagon alang sa lima ka mga batan-on nga naglarawan sa mga sayop nilang mga panahom sa kinabuhi. Mao kini ang unang pamahayag nga gibuhian sa bandang Phylum – gibahig nga “alternative music”. Apan bisan pa man sa ilang kanhi pagkalatagaw, gipahimug-atan sa lima ang ilang hukom nga susama’g tubig mokulit og bag-ong dalan. Sa sulod lamang sa upat ka bulan gikan sa ilang matawag og “reinvention”, ang lima nahimong “Phylum”. Sa mas hingkod nga paagi, ilang giatubang ang hagit nga pinaagi sa musika kansa nakapatandog kanila ug nakapausab sa dagan sa ilang kinabuhi ug panaghinigalaay, mahimo usab kining panig-ingnan sa uban nga walay kalainan kanila nga gibukotan sa mga nagkadaiyang matang sa mga suliran. (more…)


We all know that the word MANTEQUILLA is butter. We chose this name because wala lang. hehehe We just love to hear it. :) Sa lungsod sa PINAMUNGAJAN… SALIPADA (drums), JOWELL (bass) were classmates during highschool. They really love to hear music of KORN and DEFTONES, then decided to form a band. Then, NEEFREY (guitar) were at same school also steps in the band for guitar. KARLO ABELGAS entered the band for vocals but for some reason we had to replace karlo to CLIFF JUDE (vocals), JUDE is the younger brother of NEEFREY. But we’re all barkada since grade school. (more…)


Name Origin:

Indephums was derived from the word “Indep” meaning Independent and “hums” meaning Human then we put an “s” at the end because its plural man gud dbah? hehehe…. We have choosen this name because we the four of us (ronan, ryan, renan, & ray) are independent humans. But manawag jud gahapon mig mama and papa oi. =) (more…)

Aggressive Audio

Sidney Alburo – Mic, Acoustic Guitars, Agik-ik Eugene Corpin – Vocals, Taghoy, Inamaw, Pasi-aw, Latagaw, Prayer Randolf Silvano – Current Lead GUitarist, Pahiyum Joel Ablanque – Percussion, Drums, Relo, Tago sa tom-tom Vincent Ngalis – BAho de Arko, Baho, Baho, Baho Aggressive Audio started jamming together as early as the summer of 2000. The original band members were a bunch of altar boys and choir members in a parish in cebu. The band’s primary influence are songs heard over the church and contemporary christian music,other of the band’s influence varies and is quite diffrent with each other’s interests but that what makes the band’s sound and feel includes the 80’s rock, the classics,Love songs, guitar instrumental, the blues, nu-metal, smooth jazz, etc. etc. Aggressive audio consider themselves as a jam band, and mainly considers the thought of playing by feel than by memory. (more…)

Junior Kilat

Junior Kilat is a Filipino reggae/ska band based in Cebu, Philippines. The name is taken from the 70′s Cebu band Leon Kilat, which the latter group claims, was first to sing about “Agta”. They are a popular reggae band in Manila, winning a “Song Of The Year Award” in NU-107′s Rock Awards for Ako Si M16, their first single from the album party pipol ur on dub tv.

The band is composed of Errol “Budoy” Marabiles on vocals, Tiano Evangelista on bass, Archie Ybañez on guitar, Bangin Atienza on turntable, Gina Pestaño on keyboards, Cleofas Quijano on trombone and Diana Freese on drums. (more…)