The band was originally formed last October 2004 with six band members and was then named “Raskafarian Drumbeat”. We had two female vocalist and four guys on instruments. Our genre was then more into ska with influences from No Doubt, Save Ferris and Goldfinger. We not only played to sepra other songs but we also played our own originals. We had also played in several gigs and had plans to record our songs but maybe it wasn’t yet meant to happen for it never pushed through. But, as most bands are bound to experience, some of our bandmates quit due to personal reasons and differences we sometimes cannot avoid.

Now, almost two years and several bandmate replacements later, we are now finally seven in the band, all-male, and changed our name to “Raskafarian” – sans the Drumbeat to make it short.

RaskAfarian – from the word “Rastafarian” w/c means “Ras” as God/Lord & “Tafarri” as the other name for Haile Sellasie(proclaimed as God of the rastafarians). But, we can’t deny that if we hear the word “Rastafarian” the very first thing that comes to mind is “REGGAE MUSIC”, so we changed it to “RaskAfarian” bec. the genre of our music is a mixture of “SKA” & “REGGAE”. Those peepz that have not seen us yet might identify us directly as a Ska-Reggae band if they’ve already known our band name.

Our music influences ranges from Bob marley to Katchafire, Inner Circle, 311, Big Mountain and Matisyahu. And because of these influences, we are more into ska and reggae genres. We still played our original songs, which were in English, but now our compositions are mostly Bisaya – a tribute to our dialect and culture. Plus, it is much easier to express and more enjoyable to make. We still have our share of gigs, thankfully, and most importantly, we were able to record some of our songs until we were able to release our EP album earlier this year.

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