Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs are one of the Cebus’ most popular bands, and on 1997′s Itlog’s Tiki album, the group put forth a strong case for being a talented one, too. Where the band’s previous album, Itlog’s tiki, often seemed lightweight and superficial, Itlog’s Tiki is more brimming with enjoyable, substantive songs. As before, the band tackles a variety of styles. The delightful “Humba” overlaid with the vocalist singing a catchy, snappy melody reminiscent of. The opening reverb-edged guitar figure of “Pagtagad” is enchanting, as is the song itself, highlighted by a rapturous chorus. The acoustic-based “I’ll be around” is another fine song among a host of others. In fact, there isn’t a bad song on the album. The band continues its penchant for experimenting in the studio, and several songs are adorned with studio effects, including the squawks on “Sabaw”. TUMBI YATAKI album 2004 (13 songs, 10 bisaya, 1 tagalog and 2 english) which include, Hilot, Maanad ra ka, Kugihan, Sabay, Tareret, Manyakis blues, Tagay, Buto, Bakakon, Kutsara tinidor, Wala, Playground and Choice of living. This time Scrambled Eggs have a less overt tendency to imitate ‘ style, and they seem more original, more like themselves. This is a fine, enjoyable album, one of the best bisaya song ever made in Cebu. (Feb. 8, 2004 by: Robin Salazar – )
2004 tumbi yataki by: Scrambled Eggs



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