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Aggressive Audio

Sidney Alburo – Mic, Acoustic Guitars, Agik-ik Eugene Corpin – Vocals, Taghoy, Inamaw, Pasi-aw, Latagaw, Prayer Randolf Silvano – Current Lead GUitarist, Pahiyum Joel Ablanque – Percussion, Drums, Relo, Tago sa tom-tom Vincent Ngalis – BAho de Arko, Baho, Baho, Baho Aggressive Audio started jamming together as early as the summer of 2000. The original band members were a bunch of altar boys and choir members in a parish in cebu. The band’s primary influence are songs heard over the church and contemporary christian music,other of the band’s influence varies and is quite diffrent with each other’s interests but that what makes the band’s sound and feel includes the 80’s rock, the classics,Love songs, guitar instrumental, the blues, nu-metal, smooth jazz, etc. etc. Aggressive audio consider themselves as a jam band, and mainly considers the thought of playing by feel than by memory. (more…)

Aggressive Audio – Cokuto

Aggressive Audio – First Timer

Aggressive Audio – Liar Evil

Aggressive Audio – Lingin

Aggressive Audio – Senior Citizen

Aggressive Audio – Tangkong